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Are you ready to break free from the chains of diet culture and fuel for a life full of purpose & joy?


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Ditch diets for good, and learn how to fuel your body in a way that is simple & SUSTAINABLE 

I'm Hannah - a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer, & I want to help you intuitively fuel for fitness & life without restriction

How would it feel if you were FINALLY able to......

Stop feeling guilty and out of control around food
Free up the time & energy spent on food to be fully present in your life
Discover how to eat & workout to feel your best, both mentally and physically
Stop feeling like you need to earn your food by working out


Client success stories

"I have never felt better about my body, my food choices, my rest days, and my exercise execution. "

Before this program with Hannah, I had such a horrible body image and idea of what I needed to be eating every day. I fell hard into the "fitness industry", tracking every single gram of what I ate and working out 5-7 days/week, including "active rest days". I would restrict myself of most things I enjoyed and later binge them like crazy because I was constantly thinking about food.


After this program with Hannah, I have never felt better about my body, my food choices, my rest days, and my exercise execution. I have learned how to honor my cravings instead of replacing them with horribly tasting "substitutes". I never thought I would be the person to just eat a couple bites of something and be satisfied. However, we just made it through the holiday season and I found myself satisfied after even half a sugar cookie instead of binging 6 in a row like years prior! This is just one example of things that I previously thought were problems with "self-control" but in reality were consequences from severe restriction. Hannah has helped me learn how to become more conscious of my hunger and fullness cues and this has translated into recognizing other emotions that I feel much easier too. I sleep better, I approach exercise better, and I find myself knowing what to eat to give me more energy. I cannot believe how far I have come in 12 weeks for something I never really thought possible. I am so thankful for Hannah, and genuinely cannot imagine a better person to have gone through this journey with.



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